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👉 👉 👉 If you want to learn web development but didn't know where to start? Tried to learn from youtube or outdated videos and didn't succeed? This course is for you. A beginner to an expert complete course that teaches you all the skills you need to start building professional and quality websites from scratch. After this course, you can get high-paid jobs or you can do freelancing successfully as a professional web developer. If you are a beginner wanting to learn web development from scratch, or you know a bit of HTML5/CSS3 and need a refresher course to fill the gaps, this course will help you achieve your goals. By the end of this course:- ✔️ You can build any website confidently with HTML5/CSS3 & Bootstrap5. ✔️ Websites that look great on any screen or device like mobile or tablet. ✔️ Troubleshoot issues like a pro developer ✔️ Animation in website ✔️ Image Resizing with Photopea The Most Comprehensive (& Fun) HTML5/CSS3 Course:- ✅ Fundamentals of web development ✅ Structure your web pages using HTML5 ✅ Make beautiful web pages using CSS3 ✅ Learn the essential Photo resize skills every web developer needs ✅ Master in mobile-first responsive design ✅ Create layouts with Flex and Grid layout systems ✅ Add smooth, beautiful animations ✅ Create beautiful typography ✅ Build forms with data validation ✅ Learn HTML5/CSS3 best practices ✅ Write valid, semantic HTML5 code that search engines love ✅ Measure your website's performance ✅ Get to know the tools that make your job easier ✅ And much, much more! Who is this course for? ✔️ Anyone wants to become a front-end developer ✔️ Anyone wants to create websites for high paid jobs and make money No prior knowledge is needed! Everything you need to know from the basics to more advanced concepts is included. I’ve carefully structured this course so anyone can progress quickly and easily and learn a lot along the way.

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In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Which tools need to start development ✔️ How Website Works ✔️ What is Front-end Development ✔️ HTML and CSS Basics ✔️ How to Format Code ✔️ How to Use DevTools ✔️ Check the validation of your code

  • Languages and Tools for Web Development 2min 7sec
  • How Website Works 2min 51sec
  • What is Front-end Web Development? 3min 57sec
  • HTML Basics 9min 50sec
  • CSS Basics Part One 7min 16sec
  • CSS Basics Part Two 8min 31sec
  • Formatting Code 2min 46sec
  • Inspecting Pages Using DevTools 4min 25sec
  • Validating Web Pages 4min 2sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ How to add Hyperlinks ✔️ How to use images ✔️ Video and Audio ✔️ HTML Lists ✔️ HTML Tables ✔️ Block and Inline Elements ✔️ What is the "div" tag and why we are using id and class ✔️ What is semantic and non-semantic elements ✔️ Structure of a web page

  • Head Section 3min 12sec
  • Hyperlinks 6min 49sec
  • Images 11min 36sec
  • Video and Audio 7min 11sec
  • HTML Lists 4min 55sec
  • HTML Tables 10min 29sec
  • Block and Inline Elements 4min 27sec
  • Id, Classes and Div 8min 23sec
  • Semantic Elements 8min 11sec
  • Text Formatting 7min 54sec
  • Structuring a Web Page 21min 11sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ What is Basic Selectors in CSS ✔️ Combinators Selectors in CSS ✔️ Relational Selectors ✔️ Pseudo-class Selectors ✔️ Pseudo-element Selectors ✔️ How to use different colors with CSS ✔️ How to add a background image with CSS ✔️ Color Gradients ✔️ Borders with CSS ✔️ Add Shadows with CSS

  • CSS Basic Selectors 8min 19sec
  • Combinator Selectors 8min 39sec
  • Pseudo-class Selectors 6min 14sec
  • Pseudo-element Selectors 6min 31sec
  • Colors 6min 31sec
  • Background Image 6min 45sec
  • Gradients 9min 50sec
  • Borders 5min 49sec
  • Box Shadows 4min 53sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ The Box Modal - and - Box Sizing ✔️ Sizing Elements ✔️ Overflowing ✔️ Measurement Units Usage ✔️ Positioning Elements ✔️ Floating Elements ✔️ FlexBox Layout ✔️ Grid Layout ✔️ Hiding Elements ✔️ Media Queries Usage

  • Box Modal & Box Sizing 4min 59sec
  • CSS Overflow 4min 4sec
  • Measurement Units 9min 34sec
  • Positioning 10min 6sec
  • Floating Elements 12min 23sec
  • FlexBox 13min 35sec
  • Grid 8min 3sec
  • Hiding Elements 2min 56sec
  • Media Queries 22min 5sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ How to use Font Icons ✔️ How to use text Fonts

  • How to Use Fonts 9min 31sec
  • Font Icons 11min 26sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ How to use images with different types ✔️ Add filters on images with CSS

  • Images Types and Usage 6min 54sec
  • Filters 5min 52sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Basic Form with Style ✔️ Dropdown List ✔️ Data List ✔️ Checkboxes and Radio Buttons ✔️ Range Slider ✔️ File Input for File Upload ✔️ Grouping Related Fields ✔️ Why Using Hidden Fields ✔️ Styling the Complete Form

  • Basic Form with Style 16min 32sec
  • Dropdown List 9min 12sec
  • Data List 4min 31sec
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons 7min 28sec
  • Range Slider 14min 37sec
  • File Input 6min 17sec
  • Grouping Related Fields 9min 23sec
  • Hidden Fields 2min 7sec
  • Styling the Form 14min 33sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ 2D Transformations ✔️ 3D Transformations ✔️ Transitions ✔️ Animations

  • 2D Transformations 14min 24sec
  • 3D Transfomations 6min 1sec
  • Transitions 13min 8sec
  • Animations 21min 3sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Project Setup ✔️ Utilities ✔️ Layout Start With Header ✔️ Create Layout Columns ✔️ Build Header Section With Menu and Topbar ✔️ Banner Section ✔️ Three Columns Section with Heading ✔️ Build Section with Using Same Code ✔️ Trainer Section with Effects ✔️ Create Other Pages Of Website

  • Introduction 4min 6sec
  • Project Setup 7min 35sec
  • Utilities 14min 7sec
  • Layout Start With Header 19min 8sec
  • Layout Columns 9min 46sec
  • Header Section 20min 4sec
  • Banner Section 15min 48sec
  • Three Columns Section with Heading 26min 19sec
  • Build Section with Using Same Code 9min 48sec
  • Trainer Section with Effects 12min 54sec
  • Contact Us Section With Form Styling 28min 18sec
  • Mobile Menu Style 23min 39sec
  • All Sections Make Mobile responsive 12min 6sec
  • Create Other Pages Of Website 16min 55sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Explain About Bootstrap5 ✔️ Create Basic Structure of Bootstrap5

  • Introduction 2min 8sec
  • Structure 7min 47sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Break Points ✔️ Containers ✔️ Grid, Columns, and Gutters ✔️ Utilities

  • Break Points 2min 14sec
  • Containers 2min 49sec
  • Grid, Columns and Gutters 19min 57sec
  • Utilities 11min 26sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Typography ✔️ Images ✔️ Tables ✔️ Figures

  • Typography 4min 21sec
  • Images 4min 16sec
  • Tables 7min 39sec
  • Figures 3min 7sec

In this section you've learned:- ✔️ Basic Form ✔️ Input Group ✔️ Form Layout ✔️ Form Validations and Styling

  • Forms 5min 42sec
  • Input Group 6min 30sec
  • Form Layout 1min 49sec
  • Form Validations and Styling 13min 28sec

In this section you've learned about Bootstrap5 Components:- ✔️ Accordion ✔️ Alerts ✔️ Badge ✔️ Breadcrumb ✔️ Buttons and Button Groups ✔️ Card ✔️ Resize Images and Build Carousel Slider with Caption ✔️ Collapse ✔️ Dropdowns ✔️ List Group ✔️ Modal ✔️ Navs & Tabs ✔️ Navbar ✔️ Pagination ✔️ Placeholders ✔️ Popovers ✔️ Progress Bar ✔️ On Page Load Using Spinner ✔️ Notifications and Alert messages ✔️ Tooltips

  • Accordion 13min 5sec
  • Alerts 6min 15sec
  • Badge 4min 12sec
  • Breadcrums 4min 59sec
  • Buttons and Button Groups 9min 40sec
  • Card 17min 3sec
  • Resize Images and Build Carousel Slider with Caption 25min 30sec
  • Collapse 3min 29sec
  • Dropdowns 6min 52sec
  • List Group 6min 1sec
  • Modal 11min 40sec
  • Navs & Tabs 8min 52sec
  • Navbar 13min 18sec
  • Pagination 5min 30sec
  • Placeholders 6min 35sec
  • Popovers 5min 6sec
  • Progress Bar 7min 58sec
  • Spinner 3min 38sec
  • Notifications and Alert messages 12min 23sec
  • Tooltips 3min 22sec

In this section, we will build a complete project in Bootstrap5 with multiple pages and mobile-friendly:- ✔️ Setup ✔️ Header ✔️ Main Slider ✔️ Bootstrap Icons ✔️ Company Section with nested columns and styling ✔️ Faq Section with Accordions Styling ✔️ Call to Action Section ✔️ Services Section ✔️ Blog Section ✔️ Complete Footer Section ✔️ Header and Main Slider Mobile Style ✔️ All Sections Mobile and Tablet Responsive ✔️ Create Inner Pages and Link it

  • Introduction 1min 11sec
  • Setup 7min 4sec
  • Header 11min 46sec
  • Main Slider 27min 13sec
  • Bootstrap Icons 4min 27sec
  • Section with Nested Columns and Styling 20min 28sec
  • FAQ Section with Accordions Styling 9min 24sec
  • Call to Action 7min 17sec
  • Services Section 18min 55sec
  • Blog Section 10min 24sec
  • Complete Footer Section 17min 13sec
  • Header and Main Slider Mobile Style 14min 35sec
  • All Sections Mobile and Tablet Responsive 10min 53sec
  • Create Inner Pages and Link It 17min 0sec

Here are the bonus things:- ✔️ Bootstrap Pre-Build Examples ✔️ After Complete the Course

  • Bootstrap Pre-Build Examples 3min 10sec
  • After Complete the Course 5min 23sec
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